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Mussel Mast'R Packages


“Quagga and Zebra Mussels are the most economically damaging aquatic organisms to invade the United States, costing an estimated $5 Billion in prevention and control efforts since their arrival in the Great Lakes in 1987. One of the largest challenges facing watercraft decontamination programs is the lack of a cost effective method to decontaminate the ballast tanks of watercraft. Currently watercraft decontamination is one with a hot water wash or chemical treatments. This Method is effective on most boat systems, but ballast water systems are difficult to decontaminate and impossible to visually inspect.” According to University of Nevada, Reno professors Dr. Trowbridge, Dr. Chandra and Dr. Davis.

The challenges associated with preventing the transportation of Invasive Aquatic Species for watersports boat users just got a little easier. There is a new system that has just been developed by Scott Wood of Wake WorX in a partnership with the WSIA (Water Sports Industry Association) its member companies the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission, the California Department of Fish and Game and the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department.

The University of Nevada, Reno has completed extensive biological testing at the Lake Mead Hatchery and has proven this Patent Pending filter system highly effective at keeping mussel larvae (veligers) as well as other Aquatic Invasive Species out of ballast tanks, live-wells and bait-wells thus eliminating the need to de-contaminate those tanks. This is a major step forward in saving our lakes and waterways from the devastation caused by the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species.

          There is also a unit that will prevent contaminated bilge water from being discharged by your bilge pump. While this will not eliminate the need to de-contaminate your bilge, it will give a greatly increased level of protection.

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Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers with Mussel Mast’R by Wake WorX



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